Four Delicate, Yet Readable Fonts For Your Salon's Sign

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It can be hard to find the perfect font for a salon sign. Generally, you want something that looks delicate and frilly, but a lot of fonts with these characteristics are hard to read – especially from a distance. There are, luckily, a couple of exceptions. These four fonts are both delicate and readable, making them prime candidates for your salon's signage.

KG Only Human

This cursive font is a good choice for a salon that has an elegant, yet lighthearted personality. The letters are slanted to the right, but not so much that they become difficult to read. They are also very typical of ordinary, handwritten, cursive letters, which makes them feel simple, yet charming. Both capital and lowercase letters are used. The capitals look very similar to block-print capitals, but with little flourishes for a dainty look.

MF Delicate Little Flower

Does your salon have a more youthful vibe? MF Delicate Flower might be the perfect font. It is a non-cursive font, but the letters are smooth and flowing with rounded edges, which gives them a feminine appeal. Letters like "l" and "h" have a bit of extra "swoop" to their shapes, which adds interest to the font. Both capital and lowercase letters are used, and even numbers in this font have a cute, flowery appearance.

Precious Regular

This cursive-style font would look right at home at a high-end, posh salon. The lowercase letters are rather simple and easy to read, but the capitals have fancy flair, with extra flourishes and swirls. Still, however, they are quite easy to read at a distance. This font has only a slight right-hand slant, and it is quite bold compared to a lot of other cursive fonts.

Rolling Ball Cursive

A great font choice for a more laid-back salon, this cute font has a young feel to it. The letters begin and end with very soft, rounded flourishes, and they have an overall round shape. With only the slightest of right-hand leans, Rolling Ball Cursive is nearly straight up-and-down, making it very easy to read from a distance. The script is thick and simple, using print-style capitals.

When designing a sign for your salon, it's important to use a delicate, inviting font. However, you cannot sacrifice readability. With any of the delicate fonts above, your sign will allow readers to quickly discern not only your salon's name and information, but also its personality. Talk with a sign company, such as Trim-Line Of Central Alberta Ltd, to discuss different sign and font options to start advertising your salon with the perfect font today.