How To Create A Temporary Children's Safety Town In Your Community

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Have you decided to establish a children's safety town in your community? That would be a great place for little kids to learn basic safety. If so, here are some ideas that might help you plan something fun and unique. 

Secure A Location - The first thing you need to do is to find the right place to establish your safety town. You'll need plenty of space to create an imaginary community with actual miniature streets in it. If your neighborhood has a large park, that would be one place that would work well. Perhaps your public library or a shopping mall would allow you to use their parking lot for this temporary project. Another ideal place to set up the children's safety town would be to use the parking lot of one of the schools or one of the churches in the area.

Find Volunteers - Of course, to have a real safety town, you'll need people to help the children. Your community's own police force may want to get involved in this worthwhile project. Another idea is to get older Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts to help. The PTA members from local schools will probably also be willing to help. The more people you have to help, the better the one-on-one instruction will be.

Plan The Scenario - You certainly don't have to make real buildings. Just copycat movies that have only the fronts of buildings in their scenes. Include buildings like a church, a school, a library, a barber shop, various stores and a post office. Secure real signs which will be the focal point of teaching children safety. Include signs that give directions like Stop, Yield, Children Crossing, Construction In Progress, Railroad Crossing, Deer Crossing, Lane Closure Keep To The Right, Keep To The Left, and Detour Ahead. For more information about your sign options, contact a company like Sun Signs & Service.

Place the signs in strategic places in the imaginary town and have the volunteers show the children what the signs say. Children can either walk or ride their tricycles. A fun idea is to have somebody give warning tickets to children who don't follow the rules. Giving out complimentary tickets for a job well done would also be effective.

End your time in Safety Town with an actual graduation. Give each of the children who participated a certificate showing that they have completed the safety course. At graduation, don't forget to acknowledge all who helped to establish the safety town.