Tips For Designing Full Laptop Decals

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One of the more popular types of stickers today is the full laptop decal. A full laptop decal is a sticker that is applied to the back of a laptop that covers the entire surface of the lid. This allows people to customize their laptops and show what shows, games, movies, or brands they support. It is an excellent way for you to get some free marketing out of the people who use your decals. Here are some tips for designing a full laptop decal to give away at trade shows and other conferences.

1. Determine Which Laptops Your Customers Use

Do some market research to see which types of laptops your customers usually use. If you specialize in providing graphic design software, you can check to see which laptops run your software the most fluidly. If your product or service doesn't directly correlate with laptop usage, then your best bet is to find out the most popular types and sizes of laptops that are currently on the market. If one or more of these laptops includes a logo that glows when you open the screen, you might need to figure out a way to incorporate that logo or cover it up using a thicker piece of adhesive in the spot where the decal would fall over it. This will allow you to design an appropriately sized full laptop decal that is going to be the most useful. Consider designing one easily scaleable decal and printing several different sizes of laptop with it.

2. Decide What You're Going to Put on the Laptop

People are only going to use your full laptop decal if your product resonates strongly with them. The companies that full laptop decals work the best for are those who produce products that have strong cultural value, such as those who create video games, movies, or television shows. If you don't produce something that has cultural value, then consider creating a cool background that's relatively generic with your logo clearly readable in the corner. This will help encourage people to use your laptop decal for the value of the interesting image, rather than for your logo itself. 

3. Make it Durable

Pay extra for durable sticker material or else the decal is going to peel off the back of your customers' laptops and they are going to discard it. Making a durable full laptop decal will allow you to get the most value for your money. 

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