Using Window Decals As An Advertising Tool

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Running a profitable company in today's competitive marketplace can be a challenge. Business owners need to take advantage of every marketing tool available to them in order to draw new customers in each day. If your retail location has a storefront with large windows, the information you choose to display on these windows could make or break your company.

Here are three tips that you should keep in mind if you plan to use window decals as a marketing tool in the future.

1. Keep the design simple.

Window decals are becoming more and more intricate, but this intricacy doesn't necessarily benefit your company. Since the purpose of a window display is to draw the attention of passing customers, you want to ensure that your design is legible from a distance.

By keeping the design of your window decals simple, you allow customers who are driving or walking past your retail location to easily interpret your marketing message. Simple designs are also easier to apply to your window, reducing the possibility of a decal becoming ruined during installation.

2. Think about replication when creating a design.

Replicating a captivating window decal and selling it to the public can be a great way to generate additional income and increase awareness for your company's brand, products, and services. As you design a decal to affix to your retail location's windows, you should have replication in mind.

Install window graphics that are simple and easy to reproduce. Whenever possible, ensure that your window decals feature a design that is one single piece. Lettering should flow into one another and negative space should be maximized to ensure easy replication.

3. Use bold and bright colors.

The vinyl sheets that are used to create many window decals come in a variety of colors. This variety allows you to customize the appearance of your window display in order to captivate passing consumers.

Don't be afraid to use a bold and bright color for your window decal. Just remember to keep your company's logo in mind when making a color selection, and stick with colors that complement the color palette found in your logo to ensure brand cohesion as you use window decals to market your company to the public.

Relying on window decals to help you advertise your products or services can be beneficial. Ensure that you stick with a simple design that can easily be replicated and features bold colors to maximize the effectiveness of your window decals in the future.